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Advisories are assigned according to the interdisciplinary teaching teams. Advisory (Advisor/Advisee or A/A) is held at the beginning of each school day, and it is a time during which students and teachers plan and conduct school/team/class activities, discuss rules and guidelines, perform and attend performances, and participate in other activities relevant to student success. Advisors (teachers) act as advocates for advisees (students) and conduct a character education class (KMS period) on Wednesdays. Advisors are/should be the one significant adult on campus besides the counselors, that students can see when they have questions or need assistance.

Dress Code Policy:

Students shall wear the school uniform. In addition, shoes, shorts, pants, etc., must be appropriate for school. Clothing that is overly revealing (shorts that are shorter than fingertips) is not considered appropriate. Personal items, which promote or support alcohol, drugs, gangs, profanity, sexual conduct and/or violence are not allowed on campus or at any school-sponsored activity. Students with inappropriate clothing and/or personal items shall be sent to the Principal/Vice-Principal for appropriate consequences. Students shall be bound by all safety regulations regarding dress in all shop and laboratory areas.

School Community Council (SCC)

Kalakaua Middle School began operation as a SCC school during school year 2005-2006.
The SCC enables us to be actively involved in making the decisions that directly impact our school. Representatives from six role groups (students, parents, teachers, principal, support staff and community members) make up the School Community Council.

The functions of the SCC are:
  • Review and approve the school's financial and academic plans.
  • Appeal decisions of the Principal.
  • Provide input into the selection and evaluation of the Principal.
  • Waive any State policy, rule, or procedure unless an agency, within 30 days, can justify denial to an appropriate authority.
  • Provide opportunities for collaboration in the school community.