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America's Choice

Kalakaua Middle School is proud to be an America's Choice School. America's Choice School Design is a comprehensive school reform model that we are using to align all elements of the school to support student achievement of high standards in reading, writing, and mathematics.

Some AC design strategies being used are:
  • Standards-based curriculum, instruction, and assessment
  • The workshop instructional model in all classes
  • A school-wide book reading campaign and a school-wide response writing campaign
  • Greater use of computers to engage students and promote learning
  • Planning and monitoring of results so instruction is data-driven and addresses the instructional needs of the students
  • Additional instructional time through safety net programs such as
  • Double periods of language arts for all students
  • Double periods of mathematics for all students
  • Tutoring after school, on Saturdays, and in the summer
  • High quality professional development for teachers
  • Strengthening of parent-community involvement