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Middle School Interdisciplinary Teams

The philosophy of KMS is to provide a sensitive, caring, supportive learning environment to assist in making the transition from late childhood to adolescence. Emphasis is a student-centered curriculum that is exploratory and success-oriented. There is an "ethos of caring" in a learning environment where student success is the goal for students, teachers and parents.

The components of the Middle School Concept in place at KMS are:
  1. Interdisciplinary Teams
  2. Advisor/Advisee program (AA)
  3. Exploratory activities
  4. Heterogeneous classroom groupings
  5. Balanced instruction
The first component is Interdisciplinary Teams. Each grade level at KMS (6,7 and 8) consists of two teams composed of core and elective teachers that share the same group of students and schedule. Teaming allows teachers to devote more time to the learning tasks in support of students. Team teachers work together to develop and implement IDUs.