Dancer's Delite!

Dancer's Delite showed their support for Farrington High School's Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) by creating a limited edition rainbow ally shirt for Ally Week in late September.  The students also had a great time being who they are, saying what they feel, and dancing their hearts out at the annual Honolulu Pride Parade in Waikīkī on October 22nd.
Since this was their first experience in a professional venue on a professional stage, the "Mini Dees" of Dancer's Delite decided they would share their truth and spread a message to end bullying at the Nov. 10th Honozulu Beast Middle School Dance Competition.  The students left their hearts on the stage and the audience in awe, and they earned an amazing 3rd place position at the end of it all. 
Congratulations, Ladies and Gentlemen!