Our History Day Participants Make HISTORY!

 Aloha Everyone,

On Saturday 4/16 the National History Day Contest was held at Windward Community College.  Kalakaua had 6 groups contesting for a chance to go to Nationals at the University of Maryland.  


Here are their results:


Two groups in the documentary category qualified for nationals. Please congratulate Queena Abarcar, Mathew Madayag, Paula Saladino, Rycial Ignacio, Hendhel Cabaya and Daniel Delos Santos!



  • Salem Witch Trials – Trevell Pruitt, Serenity Bautista and Michael Nunez  (Michael was not able to perform, because of an accident, but the group performed admirably)
  • Al Capone – Jamaica Escalante, Jahaziel Iaea, Julia Dauz  (Finished top 6 in the state, but were eliminated in the competitive run-offs)
  • The Atomic Bomb - Marianne Cabus, Arland Melchor and Patricia Molina (Performance went great, unfortunately they were eliminated)


Web Page

  • Women's Progression: Christian Hermosa, Chantel Marquez and Camille Castro. (Great website though did not qualify for Nationals)



  • The Transcontinental Railroad: Rycial Ignacio, Hendhel Cabaya and Daniel Delos Santos! (Took first place in the division...moving on to Nationals!)
  • Music to Heal One's Nation : Queena Abarcar, Mathew Madayag, Paula Saladino (Took fourth place and qualified for Nationals!)



Thank you to our principal, Ms. Aiwohi for getting the comfortable bus, and her wholehearted support for History Day and the Social Studies Department.


Thank you to the entire Social Studies Department and the extra hours, money, dedication, and other numerous intangibles to make this year such a success.


Thank you to our fearless leaders (Mr. Nakama and Ms. Muramoto); whom we would be lost without.


Thank you to the computer geeks (Mr. Pray and Mr. Kayatani) for all their tech help to complete these projects.


Thank you to Roy the bus driver for waiting the extra 15 minutes as they announced the awards.


And most importantly, thank you to the entire staff for your support with student projects, never-ending patience and excessively courteous and kind words.


Mr. Jenkins and Mr. Decker