Hawaii State Science and Engineering Fair 2014

Hawaii State Science & Engineering Fair 2014

CONGRATULATIONS to the students from Kalakaua Middle School whose artwork was featured at the Hawaii State Science & Engineering Fair. The Poster & Cover contest encourages students to think artistically about science and engineering and the top poster will be featured on the 2015 Science Fair booklet. Students whose artwork was featured this year at the fair are: 6th grader Christian Hermoso; 7th Graders Imogen Bautista, Kahlia Felipe, Trisha Guillermo, Faasavala Lupesoliai, Kimberly Payawal, Anna Quinto, Ariana Quiton, Elma Tactay; 8th Graders: Angel Abraham, Nicholas Cabuco, John Mark Liu, Zi Jun Liu, Mnjlin Panta, Euoan Raquel, William Rodrigues, Walfredo Tuanqui.

Kalakaua Middle School featured 5 projects at the Hawaii State Science & Engineering Fair. In the Earth & Planetary Science category, 8th graders Jhansen Tomas & Minh Tran presented a project entitled, “Withstanding Earthquakes.” Their project centered on developing structures that would last the longest during an earthquake. In the Environmental Management category, 8th Graders Brandon Paulino & AJ Antonio presented a project entitled, “Is It Getting Hot in Here?” Their project created a mini-green house effect in a closed model by introducing carbon dioxide gas and measuring the temperature increase. In the Environmental Science Category, 8th Graders Tenielle Ellis presented a project entitled, “Take Out the Salt,” and Angela Piso presented a project entitled, “Cookin’ Under the Sun.” Tenielle’s project compared 2-liter bottle water distillation factories that took ocean salt water and converted it into fresh drinking water.  Angela’s project compared various solar ovens that took solar radiation from the sun to bake cookies. In the Physics & Astronomy category, Dianna Valite & Ruby Ann Polintang presented a project entitled, “Generating Pinwheel Power.” Their project investigated sustainable wind power by converting it into electricity.

Congratulations to Brandon Paulino & AJ Antonio for winning an Agency Award for $100 by the Hawaii Botanical Society for their investigation into global warming and presenting solutions to the judges of how we can solve this global catastrophe. To present their projects at the Hawaii State Science & Engineering Fair, students had to first qualify at the Kalakaua Middle School fair and second at the Honolulu District Science Fair at Kapiolani Community College. We should be very proud of what our students have accomplished at the school level that ultimately ended up at the State Science Fair.