KMS represents at the Honolulu District Science Fair!

Thank you to everyone who came out to support KMS Saturday 2/8 at the 2014 Honolulu District Science Fair Awards at Kapiolani Community College. It made a huge impact in enabling students to understand how all content is integrated and essential towards becoming successful and productive citizens.

Honolulu District Science Fair Awards:
Khatlyn Mae Bautista & Justina Bui - Best of Category  Behavioral/Social Science
Al Jebrin Antonio & Brandon Paulino - Best of Category Environmental Management
Tenielle Ellis - Best of Category Environmental Science & 4th Place Overall

Projects Moving on to the Hawaii Engineering State Science Fair in April:
Minh Tran & Jhansen Tomas - Withstanding Earthquakes
Al Jebrin Antonio & Brandon Paulino - Is It Getting Hot In Here?
Tenielle Ellis - Take Out the Salt