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24 countries are participating in the VEX Robotics World Championship!

There are teams from:  

There are other schools repping Hawaii in this robotics competition!

Highlands Inter Robotics from Highlands Intermediate in Pearl City
`Iobotics from Iolani School in Honolulu
Waialua Inter Robotics from Waialua Intermediate in Waialua
West Oahu Robotics from Waianae Intermediate from Waianae
Hawks from Kohala Middle in Kapaau on the Big Island

Watch the Spirit Division matches via this link:

Saturday, April 20

Competition Rounds:
Match 171 Spirit 1 9:32 am (6:32 am Hawaii) RED
Match 196 Spirit 2 10:53 am (8:53 am Hawaii) BLUE

Alliance Selection @ 11:45 am (8:45 am Hawaii)

Division Playoffs @ 12:30 pm (9:30 am Hawaii)

Friday, April 19

Competition Rounds:
Match 61 Spirit 1 9:45 am (6:45 am Hawaii) RED
Match 84 Spirit 2 11:11 am (8:11 am Hawaii) BLUE
Match 104 Spirit 2 1:26 pm (10:26 am Hawaii) RED
Match 123 Spirit 1 2:37 pm (11:37 am Hawaii) BLUE
Match 151 Spirit 1 4:22 pm (1:22 pm Hawaii) BLUE

Thursday, April 18

Practice Round:          
Spirit 1 12:07 pm (9:07 am Hawaii) RED

Competition Rounds:       
Match 15 Spirit 1 3:26 pm (12:26 pm Hawaii) RED
Alliance with Mexico - Lost
Match 25 Spirit 1 4:05 pm (1:05 pm Hawaii) BLUE
Alliance with China - WON!
Match 42 Spirit 3 5:08 pm (2:08 pm Hawaii) RED
Alliance with Bahrain, Saudia Arabia - WON!

Update from Ms. Kay:

KMS's VEX Robotics team will be leaving next week for Anaheim, CA 
to represent our awesome school at the World VEX Championship!

Our students have shown great dedication and hard work to get to this point. I am very proud of them. I would like thank Ms. Aiwohi for all her support for our robotics program. Without her assistance and support, our team would not be where it is today. Woo hoo!! You ROCK!! :)

Thank you everyone, and I hope you will be able to watch some of our matches through the live webcast. There will be two separate match areas, and that is why there are two websites below. 

Webcast Info – Follow the Matches!

The agenda for the World VEX competition can be found at the bottom of this webpage. 

This past weekend, our VEX Robotics 3925k team participated in the Pan Pacific Regional Championships with teams from China, Taiwan, California, Big Island, Maui, Kauai, and Oahu. There were 104 middle school and high school teams, and there was even one elementary school team. Our students represented Kalakaua Middle School with pride!

We had a total of 8 matches and we batted 500, 4-4. We landed in 45th ranking overall, only 10 places behind Farrington. Unfortunately our team was not chosen during the alliance selection. However, our team is currently on a wait list for the World's Championship being held at Disneyland in April. We will hopefully know one way or another in the next couple of weeks.

As I have stated before, VEX Robotics is quite different from First Lego League (FLL). VEX Robotics premise centers around collaboration and working together as team with people you probably don't even know. Teams are put on alliances and given their match schedule usually the day of the competition. Teams then have to go around and find their alliances to discuss the strength and weaknesses of their robot and to strategize on how to win through playing offense and defense.

Our students were twice partnered with teams from China and another time with a team from California. This type of "working togetherness" is not able to be done in the everyday classroom, and this is what makes VEX so unique. I am very proud of our team's accomplishments, and I am keeping my fingers crossed that we will be able to attend the World's Championship. I'll keep you all posted!!!

Thank you all for your continued support. Below you will find a link to photos taken at the competition. A professional photographer was there and some of his photos have been posted at Hawaii News Now website. Jerry Killion's photo was one of them that was selected!! :)

Michelle Kay
VEX Robotics Coach

VEX 3925k Team: Janine Mabuti, Jerry Killion, & Matthew Dufale