Congratulations to the KMS Science Fair Finalists!

The following students have made it through the rigorous questioning by our KMS teacher judges to 
go on to the Honolulu District Science Fair!  (< < < click here to see pics)

(In no particular order...)

  • Brain Battle by Emilie Ogata-Tambua
  • Heat and Energy by Justine Quiniano, Raven Rosa-Lasco
  • Soccer: Testing the Angles of Shooting by Ralph Matthew Juan, Lil Ann Cosido, Annabelle Calub
  • Sun Protection by Lussami Saengsouri, Wilson Tadena, Marco De Dios
  • Over, Under, Or Right In Between by Sherimae Murro, Aprilyn Pena, Dionisia Agres-Enguito
  • Attraction by Franchesca Aguilar, Minh Tran
  • Fertilizer & Compost vs. Nothing by Tenielle Ellis, Keith Christine Agcaoili, Paloma Puma
  • Which Creates a Larger Tsunami, Meteors or Earthquakes? by Angelica Fajardo
  • Building Designs Surviving the First 2 Waves of an Earthquake by Vincent Meza
  • Smile! Wait, That's Fake! by Jasmine Santiago
  • Use It or Lose It! by Angelika Taaca
  • Spoiler Alert by Laynee Pasion, Julienne Saladino, Erika Terrado
  • Oh, Does It Really? by Lyka Corotan, Chelsea Subia
  • Professional Procrastinators by Sarah Cain, Christine Javier
  • Let's Burn Those Calories! by Kiara Alonzo, Madison Badua
  • Visual Search by Bryson Lu
  • Supercooling & Snap Freezing H20 by Ryan Constantino
  • Ferticide by Matthew Dufale
  • Oil Spill by Jacqueline Nguyen, Fatimah Saludares
  • Grow, Grow, Grow by Giselle Galope, Paula Ocampo
  • Which Toothpaste Works the Best? by Dutch Bacalso, Angesabel Asidera
  • How Does the Stretch of a Rubber Band Affect the Amount of Energy That Springs Out of It? by Aeman Castro, Harbe Bacalso, Angelita Asidera
  • Sun vs. Stove by Jadelyn Ramos
  • Acid Where's the Reaction? by Claire Marie Alegre, Lucey Gonzaga, Lynette Agcaoili
  • Plants' Affection by Elaine Momosea, Dalianna Tambua

THANK YOU to the parents that came to support their children!

Congratulations to ALL the KMS Science Fair participants and finalists!  
Well done, everyone!!