Friday the 13th...

On Friday the 13th of April, a team of 6th grade students was able to participate in the 4th Annual Invitational Track Meet (<<< click to see pictures) at Roosevelt High School sponsored by Ma'ema'e Elementary School.
Tryouts to make the track team were voluntary and the students who were able to qualify with the fastest running times needed to keep up with school work and behavior in order to remain on the team and participate.

There was a total of 11 elementary and middle schools involved in the track meet. Kalakaua Middle School was competing against other 6th graders from Maunawili Elementary, Central, Kawananakoa, Stevenson and Washington Middle Schools.
MAHALO to Track Coaches, Kristin Muramoto & Peter Yin and Security Personnel, David Pedro & Lee Moananu for your assistance in making that day run smoothly for the students.
Congratulations to all the participants! You represented Kalakaua Middle School well with your enthusiastic participation and good behavior!
Here are the KMS results of the track meet:

50 Meter Dash
Corina Bolten (1st Place, Girls)
John Paul Mondido (1st Place, Boys)
100 Meter Dash
Lynette Agcaoili (4th Place, Girls)
Joseph Amodo (3rd Place, Boys)
200 Meter Dash
Darcy Suda (5th Place, Girls)
Froilan Abellanosa (1st Place, Boys)
400 Meter Dash
Rislyn Deitas (6th Place, Girls)
Justin Gacula (6th Place, Boys)

4 x 100 Meter Relay
5th Place, Girls
Sherimae Murro
Nedine Sagucio
Catherina George
Danalynn Clarence
1st Place, Boys
Andrew-Micah Fraticelli
JohnMark Liu
Marc Hernandez
Jeffrey Tuiasosopo

4 x 100 Meter Mixed Relay
1st Place, Team
Lynette Agcaoili
Joseph Amodo
Corina Bolten
John Paul Mondido

4 x 200 Meter Relay
4th Place, Girls
Angel Farinas
Lussami Saengsouri
Mehgan Magsanide
Princess Dulluog
3rd Place, Boys
Brandon Paulino
Joey Peralta
Aaron Viloria
JBert Joshua

4 x 200 Meter Mixed Relay
6th Place, Team
Minh Tran
Franz Collado
Allyson Maglaya
Jason Tanoura

800 Medley Relay
5th Place, Girls
Rislyn Deitas
Keith Christine Agcaoili
Darcy Suda
Waldine Goodinez
2nd Place, Boys
JohnDale Baltazar
JJ Tunei-Sua
William Rodrigues
Froilan Abellanosa