Ms. Gouveia was nominated for her excellent work as an ELL Newcomer Teacher and was selected the winner out of all the district nominees.
This award is presented to beginner teachers who demonstrate effective instructional practices and student learning in the classroom. They are individuals who portray engaging and inspiring presence that motivate and impact students, colleagues and the community. Teachers of Promise show strong long term potential for professional and policy leadership.
Ms. Gouveia's hard work, dedication and excellent work in the classroom with her English Language Learners makes her an Outstanding Educator. Her nurturing and caring disposition helps students successfully acclimate to their new environment. Ms. Gouveia honors students' diverse cultures and individual strengths. Rigorous lessons and high expectations has made an enormous impact on her students ability to succeed.
We are all so proud of Ms. Gouviea's accomplishments and the positive difference she makes on the lives of her students and their families.