Help your child achieve literacy success!

As a Hawaii Public School parent, you can get involved in your child's learning by accessing their account through Achieve3000's Home Edition.
How do you get started?
1.  Sign up for your parent account for Achieve3000's Home Edition.  Once you have an access code you'll be able to track your child's literacy progress.  You'll also be sent weekly conversation guides to spark discussion with your child about the real-world topics covered in their school-based literacy program.
2.  Reserve your spot at a Parent Webinar to learn how the Home Edition can improve your child's literacy success.  Upcoming webinars will be held on Wednesday, December 14th and Thursday, December 15th.  To register, go to or email [email protected] to  reserve your spot today.
3.  Learn more about how you can use Achieve3000's programs to improve your child's reading and writing skills.   Visit or request your free parent manual by emailing [email protected].  Hawaii schools are using online literacy solutions to prepare students for the workplace and college by providing interesting non-fiction reading content that is precisely matched to your child's reading ability.  Your child uses this program in class, but now you can get involved at home, and take an active role in your child's literacy success.
Please call 877-235-2520 for additional information.