Meal Price Increase, Effective 9/1/11

Price increase in meals is as follows:
BREAKFAST                                              Current                      NEW   
Secondary Student                                     $1.00                       $1.10
Reduced Price Student                             $0.30                       $0.30
Second and Subsequent Student           $2.00                       $2.20
Adult                                                               $2.00                       $2.20  
Secondary Student                                       $2.35                        $2.50
Reduced Price Student                                $0.40                        $0.40
Second Student Entree                                $1.85                        $1.85
Second and Subsequent Student              $4.70                        $5.00
Adult                                                                 $4.70                        $5.00
(For those parents who have children enrolled in the elementary schools, the decrease in the lunch meal price in this memo is due to smaller portions served as compared to secondary school lunch meals.)
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