Principal's Message

As we forge ahead into challenging yet exciting times, let us do so with a clear vision that every student who attends Kalakaua Middle School will have the attitude of wanting to be career and college ready by the time they enter high school.  Our students are the pride of Kalakaua Middle School and they will become our legacy.  Just as King David Kalakaua, our school's namesake, exemplified the qualities of character, competence, confidence and commitment to family and community by being a contributing member of society, so too, do we have the same goals for our students. This will require everyone to do their part.  This means that our faculty and staff will continue to nurture and instruct our students to be the best that they can be while families continue to guide and support their child at home.  This also means that we can expect the pride of Kalakaua, our students, to do their very best and to make the right choices each day, especially when it is hard to do.

As Principal of King David Kalakaua Middle School, I am committed to doing my best and ask each of you to do yours to ensure that the legacy of King David Kalakaua continues in our children.  Therefore, remember that in everything we do, we do it well and do it with pride!
Lorelei Aiwohi
Kalakaua Middle School